To Be or Not to Be… An Intern

Have you ever thought about why students and those who have graduated from post secondary education seek out internships? What benefits does internship bring to the table and does it actually increase the chances  of landing that job you’ve been searching for?

Here are three reasons why being an intern can be such a beneficial experience.

Add it to your resume
As we all know, a good resume is a must when applying for a job because it is a huge factor when an employer is exploring whether or not you have the necessary skills to get hired. By being an intern, you can develop knowledge and expand on skills that you acquired while in school. The practical experience that you gain by being an intern is something that employers want to see on your resume. This tells your employer that you have officially had the chance to explore your field of interest before actually entering the workforce.


Possible employment
Another benefit of being an intern is the possibility of full time employment in your desired career field! It has been said that employers tend to offer full time employment to nearly half of the interns they take on. Not only does the company you’re interning for have the ability to see you at work prior to hiring you, but they can also observe how you fit in with their other employees. In my opinion this is a win-win situation for both you and your potential employer; they have the ability to decide if you’re a good fit for the job, and you can land the job you worked hard to secure!

Solidifying your career choice
Sometimes students work very hard to graduate from a program that they THINK they want to make a career out of. It’s not uncommon for many people to work hard to graduate from a post secondary program, only to find out they aren’t so keen about their career choice when applying it to everyday life. By being an intern, you have the opportunity to figure this out before actually entering the workforce. Not only is this positive information for you, but it also tells your potential employer that you’ve gained experience in your field of study and still want it to be your career!

In the end, it seems like making the decision to become an intern after graduation is a positive move. By  pursuing an internship you can add hands on experience to your resume, possibly secure a full time job, or simply figure out if you’re going after a job that’s right for you!

So if any of you are debating whether to seek out internships after graduation, now you have a list of reasons why you should!

‘5 Reasons Why I Should Hire You!’

blog2photoDo you ever wonder what employers are looking for when recruiting new employees?

Put yourself in the shoes of an employer who is seeking out someone new to add to their team. What are some of the common reasons you would choose a certain candidate? If you’re finding it hard to think of anything, don’t panic.

Here are 5 common reasons why someone should hire you!

Your Online Personal Brand
It only takes a few clicks for a potential employer to get a glimpse of who you are online. Social media is a great way for future employers to communicate with you, but also for them to get an idea of what you’re all about. Make sure you think about how you want to be seen in their eyes. Use social media to create a positive online personal brand!

Your Experience
Having any experience in the job field you are seeking can be extremely valuable from an employer’s point of view. Employers know that hiring someone with experience cuts down on training time; meaning you can contribute to the role you were hired for much more quickly.

Your Desire & Determination to Learn
It’s never easy competing for a job you have your heart set on when you’re just as qualified as other candidates. Having a strong desire to learn, accompanied with great determination, can set you apart from the rest. This shows your potential employer that you want to learn anything that they throw in your direction because you’re willing to work hard for their company.

Positive Attitude
A positive attitude can take you a far way. The last thing a potential employer wants is to hire someone who is constantly complaining and making things difficult. A future employer might also place a lot of emphasis on how you communicate with other employees. A negative attitude will get you nowhere, whereas a positive attitude will only make you a more attractive candidate.

Great Resume
Last but not least, having a great resume is a must! Think of your resume as your potential employers first impression of you. If your resume does not interest them, chances are you will not be getting a call for a formal interview. Your resume is a way of communicating what you can offer. Don’t sell yourself short!

There you have it! My list of the 5 common reasons why someone should hire you.

Now that you have this helpful information, there should be nothing stopping you from going for the job of your dreams! Good luck to you all!

How being a vendor at the local farmers market, to attending Algonquin College’s BME program has changed my career path.


Have you ever thought you were absolutely positive about what you wanted to do as a career for the rest of your life? So did I… until I started attending Algonquin College‘s BME program.

For two years before I started studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Algonquin, I was running my own specialty baking business. I focused mainly on selling my baked goods at local farmers markets here in Ottawa, as well as doing a lot of catering for various special events. Owning and running my own baking business involved a tremendous amount of hard work; but that was fine with me because I thought I had found a career that was just right for me.

In my second year in running my business, I noticed I was having a major problem. Although I was selling a lot of product, I still wasn’t making enough profit to pay myself. All of my hard work was creating a name for my brand, but I couldn’t make it my full time career. I finally came to realize that, even though I was working as hard as I was, I didn’t have enough knowledge on how to actually run a profitable business. This is what made me decide to enroll in Algonquin’s BME program.

When I first started the program, I was still very determined to understand and learn as much as I could about business for the next two years, then use that information to better my company. I made it a point to use my business name for all of my assignments in order to keep my motivation in completing this program alive and strong. That’s when I started to feel the shift of change…

All of a sudden I started noticing that I was enjoying business in a general sense instead of just to better my business. A number of classes I was taking peaked my interest and excited me in the same way running my own business did. As time went on, I naturally stopped using my business for projects and assignments and simply enjoyed learning about all areas of business. I found myself interested in marketing, management, social media, and even research. It didn’t take long for my business to fade into the shadows, and have my desire of other aspects of business to take the spotlight.

All in all, I feel that starting my own business was a critical step in getting me closer to what I actually want for myself career wise. I would have never thought to study business if it weren’t for needing additional guidance in trying to further my baking company. Although there are memories and specific reasons why I still miss running my own business, I understand now that my baking career was a stepping stone to get me where I feel I now belong.

Stay tuned for updates on my career search progress! For those of you who are experiencing a career transition like myself; I will be posting some helpful information soon that you might enjoy.